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Comeback Solutions

Embrace the next normal as employees return to work and customers come back through the doors. Ways of doing business have changed dramatically due to COVID-19 and will continue to change as your community manages its reopenings. No question, business will look different this year than in the past. Your customers need to give clear information on what they’re doing to keep consumers safe.

We’re hearing from distributors that your clients, large and small, need mockups for ideas but also compliance. They want ideas for how to keep their employees, customers, and themselves safe. For ideas and inspiration, we have numerous Comeback Solutions booklets that match your client’s industry. These come unbranded so you can easily and quickly add your logo to provide the client. Each industry booklet recommends 10 simple products and designs so you can show up as thorough and detailed as possible.

Download your booklets here:Sales and Marketing

In addition, we have a simple ordering spreadsheet to help you guide your client through product options and specific recommendations for their industry and location. Download now.

Welcome Back Employees

For returning employees, companies will need to be prepared to inform and welcome. Programming will include small scale messaging as well as large scale signage to inform and inspire throughout the next normal. Welcome Back Employees

Welcome Back Customers

Welcome customers into your office and show your careful planning. First impressions have never mattered more from large signage visible to the passing traffic to reception areas raising awareness on your sanitization schedules as we move beyond the virus. Welcome Back Customers

Social Distancing

Create social distancing standards inside and outside your business. From manufacturing to retail to healthcare, these products are meant to last throughout daily sanitization. Social Distancing


Not finding what you need? Our Catalogs have more options and custom products.Take a look.


Templates, sales sheets, color guides and more to help you set up and go! Get them here.