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COVID-19 Products

Around the US, vendors are having to close their doors temporarily, towns are not accepting shipments, and other very real effects are being felt in our industry. We are willing to go outside the normal boundaries of our business if there is a way we can help minimize the impact, even just temporarily for your business. We have created resources for you and made it easier to find products to help during the pandemic. Below are some product ideas and view available predesigned templates by visiting the Product Ideas page.

Vaccine Support

Vaccination locations and clinics have unique needs and we have gathered a list of top products that can be helpful in a number of settings. Vaccine Support

Scent Check™

Scent Check™ is an at-home early detection screening tool and Scent Check™ PRO is a screening tool for employers that has a digital integration to help detect a loss of smell. Scent Check™

Stock Labels & Decals

Now it's even easier to order labels with our new stock labels & floor decals. In stock and ready to ship! Stock Labels & Decals

Stay 6 Feet Apart

Floor decals are an easy way to keep your message visible. “Please keep your distance” or “6 feet Recommended”. They can also be used for directions for let people know where to stand. Stay 6 Feet Apart

Take-out and Delivery | Curbside Pickup

It is critical to get the word out for restaurants that have delivery or curbside pickup. Labels, Post-it notes, business cards, rack cards, sales sheets and banners are sure-fire ways to get the word out that the location is open for business. Take-out and Delivery | Curbside Pickup

Cleaning and Sanitization Charts

Rack cards, Post-it Notes and forms can be used to communicate cleaning schedules and what efforts are being done to prevent the spread of COVID-19. A simple note to say “we’re sanitizing all doorknobs and light switches every 30 minutes” is a great way to get this information out. Cleaning and Sanitization Charts

Educational Materials

Education on the COVID-19 is important. It might be a simple message of “stop the spread” or “we’re in this together” to “We are open” signs. These products make communication easier and faster. Educational Materials

Working From Home

Now that your customers have transitioned to a Home Office, here are the key products they need to have on hand to continue to work productively. Working From Home

Face Masks & Disposable Mask Hooks

The CDC is more recommending wearing face masks. Do your part to protect yourself and others with Face Masks. Disposable Mask Hooks are just that and can be used in all environments that face masks are worn. Face Masks & Disposable Mask Hooks

Healthcare and Hospitals

From discharge, folders and forms are items available for patients and caregivers to manage ongoing care, instructions and follow up. Use door hangers to indicate checklists, action items or additional instructions before entering a room. Healthcare and Hospitals

Help for Seniors

Use door hangers, rack card or sales sheets to create check lists or grocery lists for nursing homes or for those in assisted living. Help for Seniors

I am Essential

A digital and physical campaign to promote “Essential workers wear blue because they help you.”  Navitor has sponsored 12,000 pieces for distributors and now you can order specific items to indicate that your customer is an essential worker or general advocacy. I am Essential

Answers to "I'm Bored" at Home

With Shelter in place and quarantined families across the county, some product ideas that may save parents from hearing “I’m bored” would be playing cards, sales sheets, brochures and Post- it notes. These can be distributed at grocery stores, hospitals or a nice little present at someone’s doorstep. Answers to "I


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Templates, sales sheets, color guides and more to help you set up and go! Get them here.